Unfortunately, many of us in the West have grown up in a society where unpleasant emotions like sadness, grief, panic, anxiety, or shame are usually not seen as acceptable. We’re even taught to look for immediate relief or an escape from the unpleasant emotions we feel.

What many of us don’t realize is that negative emotions have a message for us. If we continue to ignore and “numb away” our pain, the emotion will eventually return and try to get our attention in a much “louder” way. Our pain desperately needs our attention and it demands it in the same way a sobbing child demands the attention from his/her mother.

Healing can only come when we ask our pain “what message do you have for me?” and once we have the answer, we take immediate action.

By learning to talk to your emotions, you will realize that they are not a burden, if anything, they are your most reliable guides!

I would love to help you tap in to your emotional body in order to heal on a profound level.

Whether you’re experiencing sadness, grief, panic/anxiety, shame or anything else in between, I can help you find inner peace through a holistic and energetic approach.

My main goal is to help you become a more empowered person with a strong sense control over your life. 

Lets work together so you can return to that moment in your life where you felt the most happy and complete.

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