Energy Healing Sessions


During an energy healing session, I connect with source energy, channel it through my hands, and transfer it to the individual needing healing. 

A typical session with me involves a full chakra and aura cleanse. In some cases we can even work on cord cutting, attachment removal, and psychic attack clearing. 

During a session, you might  feel cold or warm sensations on your chakras, or even energetic movement on different areas of your body. Everyone is unique and sometimes an individual might not feel much of anything until the session has ended. 

An energy healing session can help individuals feel more relaxed, calm, and centered on an emotional level. 

It's important to note that we are all born healers but unfortunately, we’ve forgotten how to do it.

My hope is that a session with me can help you remember your abilities so you can heal on an emotional level.


*Energy healing sessions are not a substitute for traditional medical treatment.*