Eric Vargas is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Ordained Interfaith Minster, energy healer, writer, teacher, and spiritual intuitive. When it comes to religion and spirituality, Eric believes that all paths lead to one destination. He welcomes people of all life paths and makes no judgement as to whether someone is a strict Buddhist or a skeptical Agnostic. 

Eric is originally from Arizona, home of the spiritual hot spot known as Sedona. It is said that Sedona is a sacred site with various energetic vortexes which can be found throughout its canyons and rock trails. It's also a beautiful and breath taking location with multicolored rocks and natural landscapes. One could call it a desert cathedral, built entirely by mother nature. 



He spends the majority of his time living abroad and currently resides in Argentina, a country that captured his heart when he accepted an English teaching job offer in 2010. 

A long with Argentina, he has lived in various South American countries such as Uruguay, Peru, Chile, and Colombia. While living in these countries, he studied the various traditional healing techniques native to each region and even took part in healing ceremonies in Peru. 

Eric specializes in providing various spiritual services ranging from: energy healing, spiritual mentoring, awakening/ascension support, and general spiritual guidance. He is not a psychologist or medical practitioner, but a guide and spiritual liason. 

Since he was a small child, he could perceive energy and often interacted with various spirits and ethereal beings. During most of his adolescence he struggled to manage his abilities and often felt overwhelmed by them. Now as an adult, he has managed to find balance and hopes to help others find piece of mind and relief through the knowledge he has acquired.